Body Polishes and Body Wraps



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A rich, creamy textured skin refining body scrub is used to remove impurities and dead skin. Gentle and deep cleansing, Pevonia’s Body Polish uses natural jojoba granules to activate the blood circulation without harming the fine capillaries, leaving skin soft, silky and smooth. An ideal treatment for the preparation of skin before any self-tanning treatment.



Aromatic Moor Mud is rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The mud is generously applied to the entire body and sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated. This wrap is renowned for relieving pain from rheumatism and arthritis, helping to control cramps and boosts the body’s immune system.



Due to the cooling and densensitising properties of Water Liliy, Chamomile and Green Tea, discomfort of over exposed skin is relieved. The skin burning and stinging sensation is relieved as the treatment heals and reduces skin temperature. This treatment is specifically designed for self-inflicted irritation.



Combining the tropical extracts of mango and passion fruit; this wrap is rich in fruit acids, calcium and Vitamin C. As the formulation is applied to the skin, it prompts the quick and deep absorption of potent rejuvenating ingredients. This treatment evens skin tone; rejuvenating; repairing and anti-ageing; and firming and invigorating.



Using the finest blend of seaweed off the French Coast of Brittany; this treatment detoxifies and remineralizes dry depleted skin whilst the body is covered with warm micronized seaweed and gently wrapped. Stress and toxins are eliminated and the entire body is replenished with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This treatment is detoxifying; stimulates the lymphatic system; activates blood circulation; activates fluid retention; and is hydrating and moisturising.



Exfoliates and cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, tightens loose tissue and guarantees you exceptional and lasting inch loss. It is excellent for reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The treatment works by compressing the soft tissue with elasticated cotton bandages, using special wrapping techniques that lift and shape the body and flattening bulges, whilst the sea clay solution cleanses and purges the body of stored toxins that are stored between the fat cells. The treatment will take just under two hours from start to finish and you will be measured before and after the treatment so that inch loss can be calculated. The average client will lose between 10” and 14” on their first wrap. A course of three wraps is recommended for maximum benefit. The wraps should be taken no less than seven to ten days apart. etoxifying; stimulates the lymphatic system; activates blood circulation; activates fluid retention; and is hydrating and moisturising.

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