Pevonia Product Line



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Pevonia’s home collections are easy to distinguish as they are listed in particular skin types.

Each line contains a selection of products to enable you to accomplish a complete skin care routine at home. From the basic skin types through to anti-ageing, problematic, specialised such as Rosacea, and even for specifically for teens, Pevonia has a product line to suit you.

Dry Skin Line
Sensitive Skin Line
Normal/Combination Line
Oily Skin Line
Rosacea Line
Lightening Line
Special Care Line
Neck, Bust, Décolleté
Eye and Lip Line
Caviar Line
Power Repair Line
Mens Care Line
Spa Teen: All Skin
Spa Teen: Blemished line
Body Line: Anti-ageing
Body Line: Bathing
Body Line: Corrective Care
Body Line: Hydration
Lumafirm Body and Glow
Pevonia Home Spa
Hand Line
Foot Line
Sun Line
Eye and Lip Line
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